Loading up the samples time for the finishing touches.



Back in the room fortnightly practice starts

40 minute set sounding good deciding on covers to stick in



The annual Shotgun Kings drinking period this may flow over to new year



Rehearsal room time

Getting the set together.



Release date confirmed 6th October.

Available from digital retailers world wide and you can listen to on spotify

Time to get back into the rehearsal room.













So many hours mixing. Time for a Holiday.

We will be mastering and release soon.



Time for Chris to get the pad out and warm up the vocals.

we will be mixing shortly



Bass complete.

On to Guitars and there are a lot of those.



So we finished drums at the end of the month. An excellent 2 days from Ash.

Jon has started on the Bass.



Well we thought we were going to do an EP

So while we are doing that we might as well re do the old one.

Sounds like an album.


April 2014

Drum tracks for Iím Not Broken are down shall be working on bass and guitar in the coming month. Working on the set as a whole next time we head to ascape.

Check out the live recording from March practice on SOUNDCLOUD.††



March 2014

Band practice atascape studios in the coming week.

We shall be perfecting the new material

The band are currently looking for gigs and working on merch.



Feb 2014

Been a productive month for The Shotgun Kings 3 new songs written.

lyrics for 1 in the bag

ďIím Not BrokenĒ

All new material will be recorded soon keep checking back to see the progress